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Red Hat's FuseSource and Polymita Road Map

Red Hat's Road Map for FuseSource Enterprise Products and Polymita BPM Technology

Red Hat recently announced the road map for two recent technology acquisitions, FuseSoure and Polymita.  From our perspective this is excellent news.  In addition to the technology advantages these products bring to the JBoss Middleware Portfolio (ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, for example),  Red Hat's acquisition of these products ensures they will be remain (in the case of Fuse) and become (in the case of Polymita) fully Open Soure.  Red Hat's focus on adherence to industry standards will also benefit these products, and those who use them now and in the future.

 Essentially the road map for both product lines are the same.  Products such as Fuse ESB Enterprise, Fuse MQ Enterprise and Polymita's BPM will be joining the JBoss Middleware product family as is, for now.  In other words they will not change from a technology stand-point, they will be offered along side of the exisiting JBoss Middleware integration products.  Phase two of the road map involves re-branding and integration of features and tooling from both product lines in to existining JBoss Middleware Platforms such as the JBoss SOA Platform and BRMS Platform.  

Vizuri SVP Joe Dickman participated in a live webcast, hosted by Red Hat, announcing the news.  Check out the SearchSOA website for the full article, including Joe's comments.   

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Zack Belcher

A former Vizuri business development manager, Zack sold open source software and consulting services. Interested in this post? Connect with our team of experts by sending us a message on our contact page.