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From Vizuri's Experts

Vizuri Accepts First-Ever Partner of Excellence Award from Red Hat

Red Hat annually convenes its partners from North America for a multiday conference to discuss new technology, share analyst and industry thought-leader perspectives, and convene expert panel discussions featuring use cases and best practices.

This year, following a keynote conversation with our Senior Vice President Joe Dickman, Red Hat Vice President D. Martin presented a surprise award that recognized Vizuri’s enduring support and leading contributions to the Red Hat community: the 2017 Partner of Excellence Award.

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Thanks to D. Martin for his kind words:

"For all the things that you’ve done with and for Red Hat, and for our customers, I am going to give you the first Partner of Excellence Award that we have ever given. We’ve introduced this award, not just for the sales results, but for the things you’ve done collaboratively..."

Earlier, D. Martin also noted a range of Vizuri expertise and support:

"Joe, you’ve been really involved with Red Hat over the course of the years, you’re heavily involved in our Partner Advisory Board – thank you for that! Joe does hold us accountable to a lot of things… You’ve done a lot of things that are not just customer-facing. You’ve done white papers, and a series of things like that."

Thank you to the entire team at Red Hat. We are grateful for the recognition, and look forward to the next 12 years of partnership and growth.

Mat Morgan

Mat Morgan supports marketing at Vizuri. He has diverse experience as a tech entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and communications officer.