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From Vizuri's Experts

Welcome to Ellen Wyly, Director of Business Development

Ellen Wyly is Vizuri's newly-minted Director of Business Development. She brings more than 20 years of experience in software consulting services and software product sales. Her strengths lie in nurturing existing accounts and growing net new accounts. Ellen uses a team approach to provide the best solution for each client, taking their goals and objectives into consideration. She values the importance of maintaining relationships with clients from their inception to ensure their satisfaction and growth.


Today, I've dropped by Ellen's office to get a peek at her role here at Vizuri and to ask her about some of her goals for Vizuri's future. Read our interview below.

Can you tell me about what your role at Vizuri is? What do your responsibilities look like?

If you look at the overall picture as Director of Business Development, my job is to find new business, grow from existing business, and work through partnerships to grow Vizuri. And AEM, too, of course, since we do a lot of cross-selling. It’s a blend of working with our team focusing on software sales, expanding their range, increasing our partnerships by leveraging my wider network, and creating a bigger picture of ways we can help companies solve their toughest challenges. My ultimate goal is to grow larger projects around our service offerings and give us the ability to expand our team.

What about your background? What did you do before coming to Vizuri?

I’ve been in business development for technology for over 20 years focusing on software consulting solutions. Most recently, I was more focused on quality assurance solutions for the federal government with a few commercial accounts. Before that I was focused on full lifecycle software development consulting in the commercial space.  Over the years I have spent time in software product sales as well.

Is that what drew you to come here to Vizuri?

Honesty, what drew me the most was the team that’s here. I worked with Joe, Nichole, Anne, and Kent all at another company. We were very successful together and through some circumstances, they all went one way and I went another. I happened to run into Joe at a conference last year and it reinvigorated our ideas of working together. I know this is a stellar team and what they produce for customers is amazing, so that makes the job of a business developer very easy.

So he lassoed you back to the dream team.

Yes, it’s great, this really is my dream team.

What Vizuri offering makes you the most excited from a business development perspective?

I think the most exciting thing is that we stay cutting-edge with technology. We are able to help customers solve tough technology problems, such as modernizing legacy applications in meaningful ways, that make the most of their technology investments. In fact, we were just named Red Hat’s North America Commercial Leading Edge Partner of the Year for 2018. We like using the greatest technologies out there and showing customers how we leverage them to get someone there better, faster, and stronger.

Have you learned anything new so far that you didn’t know before about Vizuri?

The biggest thing and the biggest focus of what I’ve learned is the technologies because these are not technologies that I was selling before. They’re things I understand, but I had a lot to learn. And I do have a lot more to learn, but the good thing is that I have a lot of smart people around me so if I can get our contacts together with the smart people that we have within Vizuri, then I know it’s going to be a great mix.

You’re new here and we’re very glad to have you on board. It’s a new year with you here. Do you have a goal or resolution in mind for Vizuri for the next year?

My biggest goal initially was to first fully understand what we do. I think I’ve got a good start; I just hit my two-month anniversary. Now the focus is to leverage our excellent past performances and key partners to expand our reach and customer base and meet my biggest goal which is to grow our company. 

Christine Perry

Christine Perry works as a communications and marketing professional for Vizuri. She provides copy writing and editing support for Vizuri's publications.