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How To Add Intuit Customer Account Data (CAD) to a NodeJS Application

Posted by Chris Britz

Aug 17, 2015 2:58:00 PM Node js, Enterprise Fullstack

If you ever had the need to use Intuit's Customer Account Data(CAD) and are using NodeJS we have definitely been in the same boat together.  The boat where there is about ten anchors holding you back because Intuit does not have a module for NodeJS yet to help you.  Sound familiar?  If so, look no further, as I implemented their CAD API with JavaScript and put it in a NPM module called intuit-cad.  This allows you to effortlessly authenticate your customers and get access to their institution's data such as transactions and accounts. 

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Creating your own Angular Material Navigation Menu

Posted by Chris Britz

Jul 8, 2015 12:48:00 PM AngularJS, Enterprise Fullstack, angular-material

Create an Angular Material style side nave menu.

For those like me who want to see the code first, then the code for this can be found in two locations.

  1. Github repo found here:  Github Angular Material Menu  
  2. Working Plunker found here:  Plunker ngMaterial Menu


Ever since Angular Material came out I have been watching and waiting for the neat side navigation menu on their site

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How to create a choropleth map with GeoJSON and Google Maps

Posted by Daniel Margol

Jun 11, 2015 7:53:00 PM JavaScript, Maps, Enterprise Fullstack

Choropleth maps are straight up awesome at displaying statistical information for a given area. To paraphrase wikipedia, they are thematic maps which have areas shaded or patterned in proportion to a statistical value for that area. We will walk through Google Maps and GeoJSON to create and display a choropleth map.

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How to Test An Angular Directive's Linking Function Using Isolate Scope

Posted by Chris Britz

Feb 17, 2015 4:28:00 PM AngularJS, Enterprise Fullstack

Have you ever wanted to get the scope of a linking function in a directive for testing.  Let me rephrase that. Have you ever wanted to test the isolate scope within your directive's linking function?  You probably have if your are a fan of well written and maintainable code. So I was trying to test my brand spanking new directive lets call it "myPerogative".   Now myPerogative just happens to have an isolate scope like most directives. Normally when I test I use this sort of syntax:

NOTE: I write my Angular tests with Jasmine.  So any tests you see will use Jasmine's matchers and setup.  This Plunker will be used to demonstrate this blog post

     beforeEach(inject(function ($rootScope, $controller) {

        $scope = $rootScope.$new();

        controller = $controller('MyController', {
            '$scope': $scope

However, this works will only controllers that are registered with the $controller service.  

Your probably thinking:

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Angular and D3 = ng3-charts: How to Build D3 Charts with Angular Directives

Posted by Chris Britz

Jan 8, 2015 1:37:00 PM AngularJS, JavaScript, Enterprise Fullstack

            Have you ever wanted to create stunning charts without having to learn the intricacies of D3 and SVG graphics in HTML?  After watching endless hours of D3 videos and reading multiple blog posts, documentation, and books with nothing to show but a headache and a blank web page I decided to try to find something encapsulate D3's internals.

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StrongLoop Node.js, DevOps and Keystone CMS

Posted by Zack Belcher

Nov 17, 2014 9:15:00 AM Node js, Enterprise Fullstack

The video below is from this month's Northern Virginia MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack meetup, "Node.js DevOps and Keystone CMS." Vizuri hosts these meetups monthly at our Herndon, Virginia office.

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